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Southdowns Manor Wedding Photography

Southdowns Manor Spring Wedding – Charlotte and Scott

Southdowns Manor Wedding   Charlotte and Scott chose the ideal venue for their spring wedding. Nestled in the Southdowns on the West Sussex / Hampshire border in the heart of the countryside Southdowns Manor really feels like an escape from the rest of the world. It is hidden down country

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Wedding Storytelling Moment: Transition

You will see from my mini photo-films in the wedding blog posts that I love to tell the real life story of the whole day. In order to keep that flow going I can’t just jump the viewer from one scene straight to another, after all I’m not Quinten Tarantino

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Clock Barn Wedding; Whitchurch Hampshire

Clock Barn in Whitchurch Hampshire was the wedding venue chosen by Alex and Neil for their big day in autumn. The venue was the ideal location to set their wedding day story, and I am very pleased they chose me to do that for them. This very short video shows

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Wedding Photography in Merumalia; Frascati, Italy.

   A summer wedding in Italy, and Frascati nonetheless. Just 30 mins south of Rome an old hill top town surrounded by vineyards. The wedding to be set in Merumalia Wine Resort. For me, a lover of everything Italian, could it get any better?! A summer wedding in Italy, and

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