Wedding Storytelling Moment: Transition

You will see from my mini photo-films in the wedding blog posts that I love to tell the real life story of the whole day. In order to keep that flow going I can’t just jump the viewer from one scene straight to another, after all I’m not Quinten Tarantino (though I do admire his storytelling talent). The best way to keep that flow moving along is to have transitions between scenes. With these I like to be creative. It isn’t always easy as it’s very often a fast past part of the day with people rushing to the next place so I do have to think on my feet.
With this particular transition Montse is leaving here apartment in Frascati to head to the vineyard where Aleix, her husband to be, waits to marry her. She is led by the driver and followed by her father. I’d thought about who to do this transition in the few minutes I was at the apartment and asked Montse if I could lock up when they left in hope that this scene might come about.

What I like about this photograph...

What I like about this transition: Firstly is that patience and the effort of running down the stairs in 40C heat to catch up after paid off! It’s great how they are almost, but not quite, equally spaced and heading diagonally across the frame to the wedding car which is within the frame. There were a lot of other things around the edge of this scene and I chose to use them as a frame for context. The flower seller in the top corner and the cars over to the right show that Montse is coming from the town centre which adds a nice contrast to the later countryside vineyard.  It is obvious what is happening and provides a great transition between scenes. I also like that in the very short time we’d spent together Montse felt that she could trust me to lock up her apartment with her two cats safely inside. Trust is a critical attribute to have as a wedding photographer as gaining it provides opportunities such as this.

Storytelling wedding photography

The transition shots is just one particular moment I look for as a storytelling wedding photographer the story of real life, real love. If this type of post is received well then I”ll continue this series.
There were some more transition opportunities between the apartment and the vineyard and I have added those below, which is your favourite?

What happens next?!
To see how the story unfolds view Montse and Aleix’s wedding in the journal.

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