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Norton Park Hotel Wedding

On Kirstin and Ryan’s wedding day, it rained, but that didn’t dampen their spirits. In fact, Kirstin was laughing so much, it was contagious! It was such a joy to capture their love and happiness throughout the day.

Their Norton Park Hotel wedding was a testament to their joy and unwavering commitment to each other. Despite the downpour, their laughter echoed through the rustic barn, their vows resonated with deep emotion, and the dance floor pulsated with infectious energy.

It’s like rain, on your wedding day

As their photographer, I knew capturing their love story meant embracing the unexpected.The weather presented a unique challenge and I wanted to be prepared for rain and minimise any inconvenience or time spent walking to different locations. I scouted the entire venue for the best sheltered photo opportunities beforehand, but I also kept an eye out for fleeting dry moments throughout the day. I made it my mission to find creative solutions and I wanted to make sure that Kirstin and Ryan didn’t have to worry about anything and could just focus on enjoying their special day.  It all worked out perfectly, their genuine smiles and playful energy shone through every shot, proving that rain can’t dampen the spark of true love.

Rustic Barn Wedding

The preparations took place at the venue itself, setting the scene for an intimate and personal celebration. The barn, adorned with rustic charm, hosted the ceremony. The ambiance seemed to blend seamlessly with Kirstin and Ryan’s love story. Surrounded by their loved ones, they exchanged vows, creating a bond that would withstand any storm.

How to do a wedding speech

The wedding breakfast was perfectly set in the cosy rustic barn. At this part of the day it was the speeches that really shone. First came the father of the bride and straight in with the jokes, mixed with words of loving memories for his daughter and family. Laughter and tears flowed freely. Kirstin’s maid of honour shared childhood anecdotes, and Ryan’s best man recounted their adventures. But it was Ryan’s turn at the mic that stole the show. His humour was wild and the room erupted while his boyish grin melted hearts as he recounted their journey. It certainly sparked an upbeat energy in the room ready for the evening’s party.

Wedding Party, and a big surprise!

The dance floor became a stage for unexpected magic. Kirstin’s dad’s band unleashed a night of revelry, but the real surprise was yet to come. As the encore began, Kirstin herself took the drums, her hidden talent exploding, the crowd erupted! Ryan, grinning wide, grabbed the mic and took the vocals, transforming the room into a whirlwind of shared joy. It was a moment of pure, unrestrained fun, a perfect reflection of their infectious energy and love for life.

Dorset and Beyond! - Bournemouth Photographer

And if ever you find yourself in need of a photographer who is compassionate, fun-loving, and friendly, look no further.Whether it’s your wedding day, a special occasion, or cherished family memories, I am committed to being your go-to photographer in Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire, and beyond. Together, we’ll beautifully document your most precious moments, ensuring they last a lifetime.

But most importantly, I’ve learned that being a photographer means more than just producing stunning images. It means being a storyteller, a companion, and a guiding light during the most special moments of people’s lives.

I am committed to telling your unique love story with authenticity and creativity. Together, we’ll create an everlasting record of your memories that resonates deeply, reminding you of the love and connection that brought you to this moment – come rain or shine.

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