Vegan Wedding Photographer

Is there a Vegan Wedding Photographer?

Yes there is, and it’s me!

Over the years I have noticed that couples and families that come to me for photography are always kind, caring and, like me, people that love life. I have long been a vegetarian (my mum said I chose to be one as a child too!). More recently I have been making more of an effort to be completely vegan. I’ve realised I’m not the only one, those engaged couples and families that come to me for photography are also seeking plant based lifestyles too.

I’m really pleased that I have always been able to offer 100% vegan albums. That means the cover, the glues used in binding and the inks are all animal product free. Not only that but they happen to be the rated amongst the worlds best wedding albums! Whilst I tell my couples this I only just realised it wasn’t on my website until now!

On top of this I have focused on all my wedding kit too including what I wear and the equipment I use. None of my camera straps or bags feature any leather. My suits and shirts contain no wool, silk or leather either. My shoes for weddings even have this in mind too. I don’t think any of this is ever noticed as I come to every wedding dressed smartly just as a guest would, but it is important to me to be cruelty free.

I’m based in Hampshire right on the south coast of the UK. While most of my work is weddings in the New Forest, Hampshire and West Sussex I work anywhere and every where with some commissions overseas too. This page doesn’t delve into the ins and outs of the natural non-staged and relaxed way I go about photographing a wedding so as not to repeat myself. You can find more of my work throughout my website and instagram. There is specifically a lot of information on wedding photography throughout the website, that link being a great starting point! Happy to help you with your wedding day please get in touch soon!

I’d also love to talk about family photography with you. Im currently designing a whole new website to incorporate this work and I am always loving creating the “day in the life” photographic stories with families. Write to me soon, lets start discussing your ideas and get some great photographs on the walls of your home!

Thank you,

Adam de-Ste-Croix
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